Basically low back pain, also known as lumbago is a somewhat common disorder that many people will likely experience some time in their lives. In fact, it is the main reason of job related disability in most of the western countries. The situation is caused by several potential factors, and all of these factors involve some kind of sprain or strain, pressure as well as swelling of the muscles. If you have a symptom of back pain in your body then it should be taken care immediately. In this article you will get some point on the symptoms and remedies for sciatica.


Lower back pain symptoms

Symptoms of lower Back Pain differ from a shooting or stabbing sensation to a dull ache. The pain in your lower back may make it difficult to stand up straight or move. The person who so ever is suffering may experience sudden acute pain, frequently after sustaining an injury from lifting heavy objects or sports. If the pain lasts more than three months then the condition will be chronic. In case if your pain does not go away after 72 hours then, you should speak with your healthcare professional.

After an injury or fall if you are experiencing an acute pain then you should consult with your doctor immediately. Other lower back pain symptoms are fever, leg weakness and loss of bladder or bowel control. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms related back pain then sees your physician immediately.


After three months if the pain has not gone away, then there is evidence that the condition can be treated through yoga. In recent , investigation the report of lower Back pain is that those individuals who has taken three months yoga classes has fewer low back pain then the other those who have taken other treatment options.

Massage therapy

Studies shows that massage therapy help alleviate chronic lower Back Pain Las Vegas and if you decide for massage therapy then after ten weeks, you will experience less low back pain then the other who take other traditional care.


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